Methandrostenolone – post-cycle therapy

Post Cycle Therapy Plan or “PCT” is a phrase that is often used inappropriately on many steroid bulletin boards. In many cases, people expect too much from post-cycle therapy and others do not give it a chance due to a misunderstanding. With this in mind, we want to explain to you the goals of post-cycle therapy, what you can expect, and what is the best way to implement them. We also want to discuss when this should be implemented; in some cases, the PCT plan will be adhered to, although this should not have been the case; Don’t worry, everything will make sense.

Methandrostenolone - post-cycle therapy

What is the PCT plan?

When we take anabolic androgenic steroids, our natural hormone levels change. Most anabolic steroids reduce our natural testosterone production to some extent, and if we are not careful, our estrogen and progesterone levels may rise beyond the normal range. Of course, both estrogen and progesterone can be controlled with proper dietary supplements during the cycle, but testosterone suppression remains. Then we reach the point where our cycle ends; We have stopped using any anabolic steroids, so something needs to be done. When we stop using steroids, our testosterone levels are still low and it is often recommended to stimulate natural production and allow your body to normalize. Although testosterone stimulation is the main goal, the normalizing factor of the post-cycle therapy plan is very important. Of course, because it has failed before, sometimes PCT implementation is not the best idea and we will see it soon.

What to expect

The main goal of post-cycle therapy is to stimulate natural testosterone production and reduce or improve the overall regeneration process. Understand the here and now; There is no post-cycle therapy plan in the world that could cause your natural testosterone levels to fall into place before using anabolic steroids. Also, if you added anabolic steroids incorrectly and damaged your HPTA, there is no PCT plan to help you. In any case, assuming your cycle is responsible, the post-cycle phase will intentionally stimulate your pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn stimulates your testicles to produce more testosterone.

Without such a PCT plan, it can easily take a year or more to restore your natural levels, and this is not only stressful for your body, but it can also lead to many symptoms of low testosterone levels; not to mention that it is very unhealthy. Conversely, if you do post-cycle therapy, you will significantly reduce your overall recovery time, but there are things that are more important. Even if your natural levels are not fully restored, you need to make sure that you have enough testosterone in your body for proper health and function, while your levels will naturally continue to rise.

Of course, you can opt out of such a plan if you wish, but in the long run you will only cause more stress to your body, and reducing stress is part of what we define to successfully improve performance; If you stretch your body after the cycle,

Possibilities of postcyclic therapy

Now that you understand what a post-cycle therapy plan is, when and why you should implement it, you need to understand how to implement it and what your options are. How you cycle your anabolic steroids will affect, but whether you use steroids or not, your PCT plan will always include a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) and clomiphene citrate (Clomid) will always be yours. The best option. . Remember what we discussed above about LH and FSH stimulation; it is the SERM that you are using that triggers this action. No matter which SERM you choose, they can both do the same job; just pick one.

In addition to the use of SERMs, which are very important, we have several other options; in particular human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is a very potent peptide hormone that can be used to prepare the body for SERM therapy because it has an LH-mimicking effect. Of course, hCG overuse can be very dangerous, as it can potentially damage your HPTA if you use it too much or for too long; if you do, your body may become addicted to false LH.

In addition to HCG, human growth hormone (HGH) could be another option, as it significantly protects the gains you have made during the cycle and also reduces the gain in body fat that can easily occur after taking steroids. While HGH can help, you will only use it if you have used it during the cycle; Growth hormone is something that has been working for a long time,

Now that you understand your options, you need to know how to use them. As for growth hormone, if you take it during a cycle, continue it the same way after the cycle; No change. Then we have the required SERM and the possibility of another hCG. Here, your actual steroid cycle will affect your post-cycle therapy plan and what type of steroids you have used; especially large and small esters; Let’s start with the big ones. If your cycle ends with a large ester anabolic steroid, if you only use SERM, you will start SERM therapy approximately 14-18 days after your last injection.

Methandrostenolone - post-cycle therapy

If you are going to use hCG, you will start hCG treatment 10 days after your last injection, completed within 10 days, and then start SERM treatment. For small esters, if your cycle ends with all small ester anabolic steroids and you only use SERM, you will start SERM treatment about 3 days after your last injection. Conversely, if you are using hCG, you will start hCG treatment 3 days after your last injection, completed within 10 days, and then start SERM therapy.

Now you understand what you need to do and how to do it, but you still don’t have the right dosage or complete post-cycle care plan, and that’s the last point of our discussion. While Nolvadex and Clomid also work the same way, they only work in the right doses. This is where many fail to use Clomid because Nolvadex is much more effective on a milligram basis. For example, with 40 mg of Nolvadex, you need 150 mg of Clomid to match this. For hCG doses, your schedule is 500 IU to 1000 IU daily each day for 10 consecutive days and is implemented exactly as described above.

After stopping hCG, you will start treatment with Nolvadex 40 mg daily or Clomid 150 mg daily; whatever you choose, you will continue to do so for two weeks. After two weeks, this time you will take another two weeks with Nolvadex 20 mg daily or Clomid 100 mg daily. No, you are not finishing, you will finish another week with 10 mg daily for Nolvadex or 50 mg daily with Clomid and add another week at the same dose if you feel it is needed.

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