How to take methane – solo course

Methandrostenolone is the most famous anabolic steroid of all time. It has gained popularity due to its high performance and availability. Dianabol (the original name of the drug), containing “methane”, was one of the first anabolic steroids with which bodybuilding legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu began their careers. The beginners of our time still follow their example, in the arsenal of every beginner “chemist” there is a methandrostenolone course, which is why the demand for methane is so great. Methandienone is a leader in the best-selling performance enhancing drugs in domestic and international markets around the world.

How to take methane

Standard methane packaging – 100 tablets of 10 mg. Developers provide all the nuances of the course and produce products that are close to the desired setting. As a rule, the course of methandrostenolone in tablets is 4-6 weeks. To maintain a high level of the active substance in the blood, the drug is taken every day. The daily dose is divided into 2-3 times. The substance methandienone has a short half-life, so it is desirable to extend the reception for the whole day.

  • Myth number 1: often consultants themselves, without realizing it, recommend, presumably for less effect on the liver, dissolving the tablets and not swallowing them. This myth is debunked by the fact that no matter how you twist it, the active ingredient enters the bloodstream in exactly the same way, no matter how it is absorbed through the mouth or the gastrointestinal tract. Everything saturated with blood passes through the liver filters and remains there to decompose. However, doctors sometimes recommend dissolving the “methane” tablets, arguing that some of the active ingredient may dissolve in the gastric juice. Therefore, we recommend dissolving half of the dose and taking the rest inside, then the concentration of the substance in the body will be higher, and as a result, the effect will be brighter.
  • Myth # 2 – The instructions show that methandrostenolone, which is taken orally, should be taken before meals, but if you experience abdominal pain you should start drinking methane with your meals. Absurd crap! First, almost all forms of steroid tablets are inherently fat-soluble, so taking methane with food is rejected because fats slow the stomach’s absorption of substances into the blood and dissolve most substances into small particles. Painful reactions of the stomach can only be negative in nature and are a very dangerous factor.
  • Myth # 3 – Taking the full daily amount of methane before training seems to increase performance. Not true. First, high blood concentrations strain the liver and provide the preconditions for the aromatization process. Secondly, dianabol has a cumulative effect, it is not an energy drink that will give an effect immediately after taking it, the effect appears gradually and increases over time.

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Methandienone before and after There is a widespread version on the Internet that if you take Methane according to the pyramid rule, i.e. every week at the beginning of your course, you increase the doses to the maximum and then gradually reduce them back to the original, making the drug more effective.

Conversely, receptor tolerance is produced more as doses jump from low to high, and vice versa, the system signals a normalization of anabolic processes and efficiency decreases as doses are started.

Methane should be consumed continuously and in equal doses at specified intervals. The most favorable times for the use of the drug are in the morning 6: 00-9: 00 and in the evening 6: 00-21: 00 – during these periods the pituitary-hypothalamic-testes axis actively produces testosterone in men, therefore the effect of the steroid increases significantly.

How to take methane

On average, the dose for beginners ranges from two to four tablets a day if 1 tablet = 10 mg.

It is not worth taking the drug for more than six weeks, already in the sixth week of the course, the phenomenon of addiction begins to appear, and the properties of the steroid are actively subsiding.

The drug should be taken before meals, washing it down with clean water.

Do not take the steroid before bedtime – it can cause insomnia.

More experienced athletes can increase the doses to 100 mg per day – these are extreme doses that only athletes with years of use of AAS can afford. But even in the most experienced athletes, such doses can cause serious adverse reactions and even irreversible consequences. After the course, it is important to take a PCT! This is no less important point in the use of Methandienone, you should not be dismissive of after course therapy, it is necessary and this is a fact! More information about why PCT is needed and how to produce it is here.

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