Danabol for training in the gym. Why for beginners?

Many beginners in the sport ask how many steroids they will need when they start training? In Ukraine, the use of anabolic steroids in gyms is very common.

Bodybuilders and athletes of other sports, many coaches constantly take steroids and advise aspiring champions to follow their lead. what is the reason for this? Everything is very simple.

Taking appropriately selected medications brings quickly visible effects of training and helps the body to manage physical activity. If one aims to win the competition, then one cannot give up steroids at all.

Danabol for training

How metandrostenolone affects the body

Metandrostenolone is a medicine used by athletes to develop muscle. It has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. Metandrostenolone is available as tablets. Due to the low price it is available for beginning bodybuilders. Another common name for the drug is methane.

Methandrostenolone dosage

The main advantage of Methandrostenolone is its tablet form, unlike many steroid drugs. I recommend it to both beginners and professional bodybuilders. Among the effects:

  1. increase muscle mass;
  2. strengthening the bones, which reduces the risk of injury during exercise;
  3. inhibition of catabolic processes, which prevents muscle burning;
  4. creates a positive nitrogen balance.

The advantage of Methandrostenolone is that it does not increase the level of estrogen in the body. This is suitable for beginners who do not know how to deal with the symptoms of increased female hormone in the body. Side effects such as pectoral muscle loss and feminization of the body as a whole are ruled out.

For 1 admission course, an athlete can build up to 10 kg of muscle mass. This is because the drug works with androgen receptors at the cellular level. In addition to muscle growth, the bodybuilder gains another positive effect in the form of a surge of strength. Hard exercise is easier to master. The first steroid cycle with metandrostenolone must be performed under the supervision of a specialist to avoid adverse health effects.

Methane is an anabolic in the form of tablets, inhibits catabolic processes in the body, leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass and also contributes to the creation of a positive nitrogen balance. In addition, Danabol causes mild fat loss.

The steroid profile of the drug is unique in its positive properties:

● Anabolic activity – 200%
● Androgenic activity – 50%
● Aromatization – low
● Method of administration – orally
● Functions in the body – from 6 to 8 o’clock
● Result – in 1.5-2.5 months.

When should I start taking Daeabol?

Many immediately after visiting the gym run for anabolics, but that’s wrong. The same Methandienone should be purchased after at least 2-3 weeks of instruction. Physiological processes in the body must begin spontaneously.

Danabol for training

A very important factor: you must start taking steroids in small doses and gradually increase them. Otherwise, it will no longer be possible to reduce the dose retroactively and the result will be associated with unpleasant side effects of acute penetration of chemical elements into the body’s natural metabolism. An exact schedule must also be drawn up before the start of the takeover. The effect is directly dependent on the time mode.

You should take a 1-month break after 10 weeks of methane use. This is necessary to avoid negative consequences for the liver and other internal organs. To improve the effect, it is recommended to include more protein foods in the diet during the course.

In rare cases, metandrostenolone may cause side effects. For example, kidney and liver disease. The drug may affect the activity of the digestive tract and thyroid gland. With long-term use, side effects such as acne, swelling of the legs and arms, convulsions and frequent cravings are likely. Excess calcium in the body is possible.

All of these points are expressed by every coach, but don’t forget the mandatory trip to the doctor. The presence of some chronic diseases and individual metabolic characteristics influence the choice of steroid and the choice of individual use.

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